You’re supposed to stay up to date regarding what is happening, collaborate in different groups, be accessible and at the same time be productive. How does that work?
Bool by Sigma will from now on be Sigma Worklife and you can read more about us on our new website.

People have been talking about the digital workplace for many years. However, it has usually been just another word for the classic intranet. When we have done usability tests and analysed many intranets, we see where the most focus is placed and where users expect to find what they are searching for; the start page. The rest of the platform’s content is rarely visited, which is natural since for example, it not is a daily activity for a user to read about the policy of health care contributions.
The other clear trend in our analyses and tests is that the users, in almost all cases, use the search box to search for different applications e.g. Visma PX.

The third trend is that users simply do not find what they are looking for on the home page, as it has become too crowded with content. From important news to lunch food vouchers, all of this takes up space and compete for the user’s attention.

Based on this, we have developed Core Workplace: a hub in the digital workplace. We know that the digital workplace extends beyond an intranet or, for that matter, Office 365. Your workday consists of many different parts that we want to help you with.

Core Workplace is a package for Office 365 that, together with SharePoint is a complete and easy to use hub in the digital workplace. It’s lively and social.

Core Workplace is based on functionality used by our customers for several years. It’s already a well proven tool, with concepts and ideas firmly embedded within the system. Using Core Workplace, compared to developing a hub from scratch, simply means that you don’t need to start from nothing.

Your hub in the digital workplace

Your intranet on SharePoint Modern

Easier for you, your team and the entire organization.

Core is built on four landing pages that simplify and enhance collaboration, communication and productivity. Today, My Board, Collaboration and Find information.

Stay up to date

Explore information and news from the organization. Stay up to date with what’s happening right now.

  • Choose your news channels
  • Different types of content
  • Events within the organisation
  • Long and short lifecycle
  • Important messages

My Board
Your work from one place

Work easily with your apps, documents, tasks and more. Adapted by you for your needs.

  • An overview of your work
  • Manage tasks and meetings
  • Easy access to your apps and tools
  • Work with your documents
  • You choose your content

Your colleagues in one place

Stay up to date on what’s happening in your groups. Find skills and colleagues. Simplified collaboration.

  • Explore new groups
  • Find all your colleagues
  • Frequent updates from your groups
  • Standardized way to create groups

Find information
Smart information at the right time.

According to Microsoft, 20% of the working day is spent looking for information. You can find what you are looking for quickly and easily, whether it is through search or navigation. That leaves ample time to focus on work that really matters.

  • Context-based navigation
  • Search
  • Smart links
  • Highlight content

Our five-step delivery model

We are highly skilled at developing and designing solutions for the digital workplace. But, when we start, we do not know much about your business. You know all about your business.

And so we collaborate with you. This is highly important to the process. We know our stuff and you know yours. Together, our results will be amazing. We can really change and improve everyone’s working day.

levmodell sharepoint

Users are our heroes, and we make Core for them

A selection of our customers.

Buy as a product

You pay a lump sum for Core. Support and maintenance of the solution will be added. Another important difference is that you get rights to the source code when you buy the product. This means that you can also make changes to the platform on your own.

Buy as a service

You pay a monthly fee for Core. We handle maintenance and technical management of the solution, including continuous further development of the product. In addition, we include our support service, Care for support, training, adaptation and development of the intranet.

Core Family

Together, we make the intranet better!

Every year, we host Core Day, where we invite all customers who use Core for a full day of digital workplace and intranet.

The purpose of meeting everyone is that, together we will benefit from the fact that we are several who share the same challenges and opportunities with the platform. In addition, you get access to our customer portal, where we collect useful information, FAQs, educational materials and discussion forums where you can talk about intranets with other Core users.